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MedicHero is the first all-in-one mobile software
medics use to improve pre-hospital patient care.

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Patient Care

Emergency healthcare is challenging. Responsibilities are continuously increasing, requiring medics to make more complicated diagnoses and deliver riskier treatments today than ever before. Despite these changes, medics continue to rely on out-dated tools such as ring-bound binders and basic memory when performing under pressure. That's why we created a dedicated work-tool that provides medics with quick access to real-time information, to deliver the fastest, most reliable pre-hospital patient care. We're turning Heroes into Superheroes.

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Swipe Through Patient

Our proprietary protocol algorithm transforms standard patient protocols into easy-to-view 'cards,' which can be clicked on or swiped through. Each protocol is linked within the app for easy navigating between care-maps. And for medics who prefer the traditional display of protocols, tilting the device from portrait-view to landscape-view brings up the more traditional format. The result is time saved working through protocols, in an industry where every second matters.

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1-Tap Lifesaving

Between procedures, medications & treatments, there's plenty of information a medic must memorize. Let's not leave patient care to memory. Canadian "Best Practices" suggests medics should be able to verify patient treatments with written documentation. Our dedicated work-tool provides medics with instant access to knowledge, to double-check what they know, at their fingertips. The result is improving the speed, quality & safety of patient care.


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    1-touch patient
    protocols (multi-view)

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    Medical dosage

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    Hospital location lookup
    (Google/Apple Maps)

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    Notes sections within

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    Smartphone & tablet

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    Communication with
    hospital ER

    coming soon!
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    'Treatment journey'
    tracking for QA

    coming soon!
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  • Improve treatment reliability
  • Reduce treatment errors
  • Reduce stress on providers
  • Save medics time
  • Streamline hospital care

A Tool By Paramedics,
For Paramedics

The mobile software is a Manitoba-made solution built in partnership with
the Paramedic Association of Manitoba.

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The challenge facing paramedics was that there was no consistent way to verify protocols and deliver real-time information for pre-hospital patient care. Our industry has evolved from reactive healthcare to a mobile health service, where it only made sense to have a mobile app. This solution could very well determine a patient's life or death, their outcome, and their safety within our care. image description Cameron Ritzer Paramedic Manager, Board Member at Paramedics Association of Manitoba
image description "The intuitive design & speed of use are what makes this app so
valuable to paramedics, & ultimately to the public."
Eric Glass Advanced Care Paramedic, Administrative Director at
Paramedic Association of Manitoba
"For paramedics to be able to go to their phone, and get to the protocol in the blink of an eye and ensure they have the right dosage would provide a significant boost to their confidence." Sean Fisher Advanced Care Paramedic, Paramedic Instructor at Manitoba
Emergency Services College.
image description "Documentation should be used all the time, and not just for training purposes. If we could double-check what we know with information available at our fingertips, why wouldn't we check it?" Susan Shaver Advanced Care Paramedic, Paramedic Instructor
at Red River College

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