Putting the paramedic at the centre of healthcare
MedicHero's brings clinical decision-support software to the palms of paramedics & EMTs for safer, smarter, out-of-hospital healthcare.
2,000 paramedics,
150,000 times
MedicHero Version 1.0 was built by paramedics, for paramedics, through a partnership with The Paramedic Association of Manitoba in Canada.
2,000 paramedics have trusted our mobile software 150,000 times...and counting!
About MedicHero
MedicHero is emergency healthcare's first all-in-one mobile software for protocol management and patient care resources. By modernizing with MedicHero, organizations operate with agility and control over clinical practice guidelines, keeping paramedics & EMTs up-to-date regardless of how often protocols change. Front-line workers can access information as instantaneously as healthcare administrators can distribute it through our web & mobile platforms. MedicHero is reducing the risk of medical error and non-compliance, resulting in greater safety & productivity, less stress for providers, and greater patient outcomes. Equip your medics with a LIVE, field-reference guide that you can manage, designed specifically for situations where every second matters.
“MedicHero's value has gone from nice-reminder to required-reference. Nobody relies on their memory anymore. Everyone references everything, and way more than we ever used to. When a change used to happen, we'd be trained on it. Now, I show up in the morning, and there's 5 emails with care-map updates. I don't have time to learn or memorize them, but I have to start putting them into practice right away. The ability to reference protocols in real-time with a patient sitting in front of me now means everything."
Graham Brown, Intermediate Care Paramedic, MedicHero user
MedicHero increases the safety & speed of emergency healthcare. Paramedic Managers access an intuitive, web-based platform to add documents, configure search terms, and transform flat-file PDFs into intelligent work-flows accessible for front-line practitioners through smartphones & tablets. Applying "connectors" to clinical practice guidelines, paramedics & EMTs will navigate between protocols in less time and with less clicks.

What separates MedicHero from "protocol apps" today is control, convenience and speed.
Make paramedics happy,
provide the right tools,
and everybody wins.
Customize search by adding relevant keywords to care maps, procedures & medications for speed-of-use.
Load, organize & manage everything related to protocols, adding interactive links for faster navigation.
Load hospitals, their location & contact information, turning smartphones into GPS guidance systems.
Communicate directly with medics through messaging, banner updates & notifications, ensuring updates are seen.
Leverage common calculators & conversion formulas, and add your own, keeping life-saving tools all in one place.
An audio/visual tool for CPR care, including a 2 minute activity phase, 10 second rest phase, and repeats.
Cameron Ritzer
Paramedic Manager, Chairperson at The Paramedic Association of Manitoba
"Our industry has evolved from reactive healthcare to a mobile health service. This solution could very well determine a patient's life or death, their outcome, and their safety within our care."
Eric Glass
Advanced Care Paramedic, Administrative Director at The Paramedic Association of Manitoba
"The intuitive design & speed of use are what makes this app so valuable to paramedics, & ultimately to the public."
Sean Fisher
Advanced Care Paramedic, Paramedic Instructor at Manitoba Emergency Services College
"For paramedics to be able to go to their phone, and get to the protocol in the blink of an eye ensuring they have the right dosage provides a significant boost to their confidence."
Work With Us
We're on a quest to improve out-of-hospital healthcare. And it starts with the paramedic.
Instantly Distributed, Automatically Updated
Things like clinical guidelines & scope-of-practice have never changed faster in healthcare history. Operate with the agility & control to ensure paramedics & EMTs have the best, most up-to-date resources, resulting in less protocol errors, less compliance issues, and greater patient outcomes.
Your Content, Your Users, Your App
MedicHero has been set up so other organizations can customize and use it. Empower your organization through a front-line work tool that highlights your brand, caters to your unique protocols & resources, and let's you control precisely who can access it.
Direct Communication Line
Today, protocols change rapidly, putting significant pressure on education & training for a mobile, distributed workforce. Lead your mobile health service with less communication gaps. Continuously providing organizational updates to first-responders means less risk of error & greater patient safety.
Managed Service, Monthly Subscription
We built our mobile software...so that you don't have to! MedicHero's value has been front-line tested across 150,000 sessions. Leverage the flexible web & mobile platform, benefit from low monthly pricing based on your size & needs, and scale your vision of a perfect paramedic product with us.
Built For Life-Saving Healthcare
MedicHero was built from the belief that seconds really matter. Navigating through protocols works better than any e-reader. Search is customizable. Calculators are configurable. We've worked hard to reduce the total number of clicks for any desired action. And the real-time, life-saving app works without internet.
Data Insights For Continuous Improvement
Turn raw data into business intelligence that supports real decision-making. Understanding what care map, procedure or medication was referenced most often - for a subset of medics - for a particular period of time, drives opportunities for everything from patient protocol improvement to education & training.
entrepreneurship's greatest advice
"Version #1 of our app sucked. We worked hard, built a beautiful product...and nobody used it! We then spent 200 hours in ambulances, in emergency departments, in boardrooms on late Friday nights with pizza & beer...asking paramedics what THEY imagined the perfect paramedic work-tool would look like.

Version #2 of our app was 10X as successful, with 10X as many users, performing 10X as many sessions.

It's the greatest lesson in entrepreneurship:
Don't build a product for your users...build a product with your users!

We continue forward, inspired by lessons learned."

Luc Bohunicky
Founder at MedicHero

If it doesn't make a paramedics' job easier, if it doesn't improve patient care, we donʼt do it.
Healthcare is moving in a direction where we see paramedics becoming more integrated with the rest of the healthcare system.

Come move with us!
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